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Your First Rock Climbing Lesson

Taking a rock climbing lesson is a good idea for someone who has never climbed before. Lessons are available at gyms, sporting goods stores, and local community centers. These lessons are taught to a group of first time rock climbers by seasoned professionals who can recall all the pitfalls they have encountered in their experiences. This is a good way to find out if rock climbing is something one really wants to try or just a romantic notion that sound fun and exciting. Rock climbing is a very dangerous sport. It should only be attempted by someone who is in good health, not overweight, and who is not afraid of heights.

The first rock climbing lesson will cover all the equipment used during a climb. From the harness to the ice pick, these tools are carefully explained. Each piece of equipment has a different purpose. A helmet, for example, not only protects the head from rain or snow, but also sunlight and falling rock. Properly securing the harness to oneself is very important when ro

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